Welcome to the PocketSmith API. The API is available for anyone to use without restriction and free of charge. Thanks for taking the interest in hacking on PocketSmith; we're keen to see what you'll make!


How you authorise to the PocketSmith API depends on what your tool is and who will use it.

Tools just for me

If you want to build a tool just for yourself, be it a desktop widget to display your balances or a tool to import transactions from a bank without a bank feed, you can use our developer keys feature. You can issue yourself a key which will give you persistent API access to just your account. When you make any authenticated request, you'll provide your key in the X-Developer-Key header.

curl --header "X-Developer-Key: b671bd60e7608fc655da352c4c32a247badb9815be266eab42328d6342287ed04780a8051b90d07108aec7afb0fabac1326c949428a2f18441452de428a6d3fd"

You can manage your developer keys under the Settings > Security section in PocketSmith.

Creating apps

If you want to a create an app for PocketSmith that other PocketSmith users can use, you'll be using OAuth 2.

To register an app with PocketSmith, please email us on [email protected]. Let us know a bit about yourself and what you plan on building. When approved, you will be provided with your client_id and client_secret to start using OAuth. Then, check out our guide for integrating OAuth to get started.

API reference docs

Head on over to the API Reference to see our endpoints in action. That tool is generated from our OpenAPI 3 documentation, which you can use yourself to generate an API client for your language of choice.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you about your app and how you're using the API, and if you have any suggestions or find any issues. Drop us a line on [email protected].